An English In Kentucky


















May 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    The walled garden functions in those places that are swept by cold wind, infrequent sunshine and wandering creatures with large hooves.  

    Too often these circumstances apply to Kentucky.  Then when summer does arrive, a walled garden becomes a breathless oven good only for succulents and grasshopper.   The compromise might be found in hedges properly patrolled by small carnivorous mammals, otherwise rabbit begin to dominate.

    Our own small carnivorous mammal does not have the table manners and is far too ill disciplined for this work, and sometimes the word 'dog' has entered conversation.  It would have to be a dog without bark and quite capable of sitting quietly minding its own business for twenty three hours of the day.   

    The alternative is to pad around at dusk and dawn with carrot stick, excellent vision, limitless patience and a twenty two.

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