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May 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    Easy enough to tangent into the political realm while prostrate in the dentist chair.   And I wish I could pay them with hen eggs as apparently I might have been able to years ago. 

   I saw myself  pulling a chicken out of a sack and having it judged by the dental accountant.     Sad to say my chicken was insufficiently plump.  Her plumage too ruffled.  And her outraged attitude quite unforgiving.   So together we ran from that place, promising each other never to return.

    I did notice a number of weeds amongst the ornamentals in the car parking area.  There was a Convolvulus almost blooming in the Nandina.   I suppose I might have been able to exchange one scraped tooth for an hours work, but did not have the courage to bring it up.

    No wonder I get such pleasure from saying "No! I haven't been flossing!"  But these days they appear so pleased to see me that this question is no longer asked.

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