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May 13th 2010    Tim Candler

    Partly sunny with a high of eighty six Fahrenheit and last night was too hot for comfortable sleeping.  Perfect temperatures for Eggplant recovery.  They look wretchedly unhappy, but there is gallantry in their stature and as of this morning they were without Hoppy Bug, who have moved to the fresher green of Potato where they sidle up to Colorado Beetle to hear gossip.

    Mentioning rain to those fresh from floods evinces caustic reaction.   But ground here is thirsty again.   Dry breeze turns to dryer wind and by nine thirty in the morning the dew is gone.    But bright grasshopper has emerged, traditional caterpillar in the Chard, those small and ominous white butterfly abound, and yes I have to accept that birds will vandalize Strawberries because I saw a Cardinal in the act of doing so.

    He looked at me without guilt, and then the Close Mockingbird chased him.   My cheering was loud enough to startle a mouse so small he must recently have left his nest.  He too had been nibbling a strawberry, so I followed him around the garden with a trowel,  hoping I would not corner him because there is always the question of what to do.

    No doubt in my mind the Grey Cat is a long way from meeting his obligations. 

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