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May 19th 2010    Tim Candler

    Great moments seldom intercede in the day to day.   Mostly they occur elsewhere.  So sometimes I exaggerate.   But Water Melon Pant is a child of the Indies, her color inspired by a few moments with the shopping channel.  Now all we need is a belt with which to attach engine to transmission, and there will be that bumbling around which adds carbon to the atmosphere.

    There is too a debate here as to the exact meaning of 'pant'.   I will insist that 'pant' refers to a trouser that reaches a little below the knee, and I can persuade myself that in this matter my recall is excellent.   There were myriad 'pant' sold.  In the corner of the screen a counter directed me to hurry up and place my order for a pair because supply was running low and my advisor on the television screen looked as though she was ready for a good meal, followed by a proper night's sleep.

    From amongst the many 'pant' colors available it was 'water melon' that struck my fancy.   It had an excitable rose red which I suspected would quickly turn into something disreputable once offered sunlight and fresh air.  But my attempt to achieve 'water melon' with tins of paint available fell far short of rosy complexion and the result cried out for blues.

    When her belt does arrive she will join Maxfield Parrish and together they will live happily amongst sawdust and bird droppings, and at dusk they might share time with bats that I begin to think may have taken up residence somewhere in the barn.

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