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May 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    Large snail with shell feeding in the cold-frame.   I relocated him yesterday morning, and today he had returned.   At least I think it was him.

      He has the foot, the eyes on stalks and snaps quickly back into his home when he is touched.   Such a shame the havoc he as wrought amongst Basil seedlings and late season Eggplant.  And I would again spray the cold-frame, had I not found my snail happily climbing the spray bottle which I keep in the cold-frame.

    As well the drop and roll Colorado Beetle has returned to haunt the vegetable garden.  He is amongst the Pontiac Potato and I have twice tried to catch him.

    Rainy conditions, high humidity and warmth rotting the lettuce.   Occasional furry caterpillar.  Eggplant in deep sulk.  Something eating Bean sprouts.  Close Mockingbird wrestling Strawberry.

    Otherwise all is well.  

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