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May 24th 2010    Tim Candler

    Idea and the real are often in conflict.   And the problem primarily rests within the distance between a dream world and decent observation.  The answer presumably is to never close the eyes.   Allow the real to stare you in the face and hit you over the head every-time you offer suggestions. 

   Currently I am deeply worried about my relationship with Eggplant.  Three or four times a day I stare at them.  My mind wanders toward their antecedents, I think of the fingers that propagated them and I know that because they came from a corporate entity those fingers worked only for pay and promises.  And no doubt somewhere in the expression was the idea of team or family, or some such codswallop from a human resource seminar. 

    Weeks ago the Grey Cat's Mistress put her considerable talent toward the propagation of our own Eggplant from seed.  She handed me nine perfect Black Beauty seedlings, which first I abandoned to snail attack, and then I overwatered, and then I left in a blue sky sun that wrinkled them.

    Under my care 19 Eggplant have gone from specimen status to vexed cripple, and I have to ask the question. 

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