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May 25th 2010    Tim Candler

    Some of us turn to the making of chairs during times of stress.  Through three longs days the hills have come alive with the burr of dangerously sharp electronic devices.  And I fear that soon the dominant feature here where I live will be chairs, unless the wail of emergency services puts an end to their manufacture.

    Outside, younger Rabbits enjoy midday forays into high heat.  They seem active in those levels of humidity more familiar to Three Toed Sloth.   And the Grey Cat sleeps.  He prefers the white noise of daytime dehumidifiers.  Then at night the dew is too rich for catlike behavior.  I think perhaps wet paws are like dirty socks.

    Others are busy slaughtering Spinach for the freezer.   It is the Bloomsdale Longstanding that has gone to seed.   After discussion with the chair-maker,  Teton Hybrid was granted reprieve.   

    And yesterday, back from the hardware store, alongside bolts, drill bits and lumber, the chair-maker showed me a shop bought Eggplant, magnificent in its four inch pot.  I have introduced it to the vegetable garden.   We were both blindfolded during the procedure and I think maybe both the twentieth Eggplant and I still are.

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