An English In Kentucky


















May 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    Tantalizing glimpse of Wax Gourd emerging.   Then we agreed that I should not be allowed within two hundred feet, incase black thumb disease adds Wax Gourd to Eggplant, Tomato and that host of others prone to immediate decline once in my presence.

    I could blame past faults, ill-gotten gains and time spent mostly in reverie.   I could offer the possibility that I am absent nurturing, I am  a Bumble Bee or a bad tempered Crocodile.   And often I wonder whether the outdoor stove, parked beside the Vegetable Garden, may set an   "arbeit macht frei" tone for those whose lives are spent behind Vegetable Garden fencing

    As well there are incidentals.  Perhaps if I shaved everyday, made my bed, or knew where all my socks are, I'd receive blessings reserved for the perfumed.   I could then bounce happily around with those who blame vapor trails, immigration, the sandal wearing or any one of their opposites.

     Of course, there is now a pickling Cucumber where Wax Gourd might have achieved its glory.   This in conjunction with vague reports of Cucumber Beetle near the trash can which is just under two hundred feet from the west end of the Vegetable Garden.     


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