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May 4th 2010    Tim Candler

    When Moses first suggested the ten commandments to the Children of Israel, they asked him why.   My own question for Moses runs this way: "Why does a carton of nicotine gum cost the same as a carton of cigarettes."    The answer Moses ultimately gave to the Children of Israel was "Because God says so."    And I suppose in some convoluted manner his answer to my question would be the same.

    There are some who might suggest that Moses in addition to his declaration that the ten Commandments were "the word of god" might have also suggested the Ten Commandments contained a reasonableness that made sense within the context of a social unit suddenly discovering itself as an isolated nomadic band responsible for its own organizing principles in a cruel and desolate wilderness.  

     And it could well be necessary to accept the usefulness of addiction to successful modern enterprise.   See it as the central concept and then package it as something that offers strength of purpose in pursuit of an ideal many will pay good money for.    And  I imagine there are interpretations which insist that Moses and God debated the eleventh commandment, "Thou shalt be addicted to proper behavior."  But both concluded this a tad surreal given the golden calf and other defilement that were occupying the Children of Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai.

     Of course if the ten commandments were written today Moses probably would have required emergency surgery after cutting himself while attempting to get his tablets out of their hard plastic child proof wrappings.

     If I get through this day, I'll call it a miracle.

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