An English In Kentucky


















May 6th 2010    Tim Candler

    It is Rosa Ragusa that smells so fine, but often I am inclined to call it Multiflora Rose, and this even though the leaves and reputation of these two varieties of Rose are so different, their world is thorny and forbidding.

   Then in those parts where the Blackberry are growing it becomes a boudoir.   Happier when sun is still drinking the dew, hot with bees and sleepiness and always hugely tempting.   But places like this are wilderness that belongs to others.  If I try to go there I get scratched and bitten by things that jump.  All the same the knowledge of such places puts my mind to rest.  I can see into a darkness and I can know I am safe from it as long as we both mind our own business and only occasionally go to war.

      Yet when Indigo Bunting arrive they make these places become islands that are populated.  I'll look down there at the briars, I might wander around the status of blackberry, and I will be watched because Indigo Bunting like thorns and like me they need kingdoms.

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