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May 7th 2010    Tim Candler

    Well known that for those of us who become non-smokers later in life we are quickly reduced by dementia.

    They will say that give it a year of anguish and lungs fully recover.  But invariably those of us more perfect refrain from assessing the effect of non-smoking upon mental function.   Slowly we dwindle into emptiness until that coordinate is found in another whose competence is sufficient to put us out of our misery.  But shotguns are so messy and I was so hoping to at least smell saintliness

    Yet I will be buried amongst the potato, and when that happens perhaps Wax Gourd will germinate.  On I will travel through dreams of hanging fruit and warm water islands.  And maybe I will be persuaded that Dipper Gourd qualifies as a fruit, because their seeds are much appreciated by Goldfinch.

    What an odd world the perfect inhabit now that my mind contains these Hoppy Bugs of dementia.    This I imagine is the valley of the shadow of death so heralded by the fearless and I suppose the question becomes "Why isn't it their fault?"

    So much easier to accept the halo from an infusion of Hemlock because in the tapestry of this life I am probably worth one dead Pear tree.

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