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November 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    The National Weather Service describes our degree of drought here where I live as "Abnormally Dry".  Sort of wonder whether the fine men and women of the weather service ever take field trips.  

    Of the categories,  "Abnormally Dry" appears hardly of concern.  Indeed it does not quite figure as drought.  To the west of us drought is "Moderate".  Further west drought is "Severe".  And north west of us toward Indiana drought is "Extreme".   God knows what a "Drought - Exceptional" might be like.


    If I was king I would direct the National Weather Service to reexamine their adjectives.  I would call them ogres.  Because always it is badness that puts a shine on their face and a gleam to their language.   A "Drought- Exceptional" is a total bloody awfulness, and I can say this because in my view "Abnormally Dry" is "Drought-Awful Enough."

     So when the National Weather Service calls for a "Warmer, Wetter Winter,"  I can't help but sense disappointment in their tone.

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