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Movember 13th 2010    Tim Candler

    Unfortunate when a keyboard begins to lose its letters, and this especially for those of us who use two fingers.  M and L and N and O and H and A.  All of them gone or on their way to shyness.

    As a hoarder I have maybe five keyboards hidden away in various places.  This one is the only one with the correct attachment to the device in which the technical device keeps his brain.  So probably I am doomed for a while to Movembers and mevers and other such noments which add greatly to confusion in sense making.

    Much better this way than that circumstance when a particular key on a keyboard gets completely fed up and decides to retire.  I am not certain where that keyboard is, somewhere in the barn I guess because that is where half useful things end up.

    One day I might actually throw something away.  I am told by the professionals that this is a liberating experience.   But always remarkable how cavalier professionals can sometimes be.  And I suppose this is because they are lucky enough to know everything.

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