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November 16th 2010    Tim Candler

    Cold Kentucky Rain, which I think is the name of a song, and I have a midday appointment.   The rain is most welcome, but midday appointments are foul in the extreme, because for those of us who do not like to leave home, midday appointments ruin the entire day.

    I remember when they asked me what time suited me best, and I shrugged in that cavalier and carefree manner, as I insisted that because I was a balanced and well ordered individual it made no difference to me.   Obviously six months ago I did not expect to be walking around and apparently a living thing on this day in November 2010.


    It is appearance, I suppose.  But this time I will make no pretence, I'll tell no little lies, and I'll say "Eight AM or not at all.."  Just on the odd chance that six months hence there will still be a me

    Easy to think of such foot stamping now, but when I get there, I'll be docile and agreeable.   I'll smile with that supreme confidence.  They'll pat me on the head.  And sometime in June or July, I'll be sitting here waiting for probably a four PM appointment. 

    I could say it is these sorts of moments that give meaning to "blessed release."   But that would lack couth.

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