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November 17th 2010    Tim Candler

    One more attack upon red blotchiness.  But with the glasses cleaned and under good light, my lips are not so much red blotchy as they are deep purple in parts.   Not an attractive sight, and one that I might have gone years without noticing had it not been for the good intentions of others.

     Extraordinary how important it is to look right.   And extraordinary how many varieties of 'looking right' there are.  At my appointment yesterday, adorable creatures were hoping the rain would stop so they could walk around outside without getting the hair wet.


    My own look is probably the opposite to that set of preoccupations.  I actually like to arrive with rain tossed hair because it suggests a reason for the chaos on the top of my head.   As well, I like to present an appearance that I have interrupted some useful if strenuous activity in order to arrive on time.   This way if I smell a little strange there is at least a reason for it.

     My lips apparently will change color, double in size, could make chewing impossible, and there is a chance that if I use this ointment too liberally I might be gone by Thanksgiving.   Which certainly would solve the perennial problem of Christmas.

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