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November 21st 2010    Tim Candler

    Have to wonder sometimes why a major part of  the holiday season is Turkey.   I imagine if it was boiled Otter, or grilled Sea Lion, or roasted Bald Eagle then a Turkey might not have quite the same reputation.  He would be mostly a spectacle, appearing sometimes on the television as a large ground nesting bird that  roosts in trees.

   Cruel fate I suppose for Turkey.  His young have to fatten quickly to survive winter, and because he is ground nesting there is no safe place at night for his children until they can fly.   


    Interesting though to see the farming of Otters.  They are more careful of their children, produce fewer of them, so I imagine their meat would be more expensive.   Sea Lions are not easily caged, so large areas of ocean would have to be netted and patrolled by submersibles to chase off  Killer Whales and other such free loaders.

    The Bald eagle of course is safer in his wilderness, at least through the next few years, because for some reason the powerful think he watches over them.

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