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November 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    Seventy three degrees Fahrenheit.  Wrens again in territorial dispute on the North east corner.   There is tree stump there which has reached the point of decay that excites those comrades who eat insects. 

   Nor are the Bluebirds happy, because this past year Sparrows of all shapes indulged in an over production of young Sparrows, and there is a quarrel between Bluebirds and Sparrows for property rights near nest boxes.      


    It's the winter coming.  When it gets very cold Bluebirds take to the shelter of nest boxes.   This morning I found myself persuaded to discourage two Chipping Sparrows, because at least Sparrows can find seed in winter. 

    And afterwards I felt awkward passing the Laurels where Sparrows, not Bluebirds, find shelter from cold, and where the Grey Cat finds his Winter work.

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