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November 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    I think this year Winter Solstice will be celebrated in the following manner.  Twelve Potato Rocks will be tossed from a short distance in the general direction of a circle and a straight line marked on the ground.  

    Nice if this circle and straight line were vague enough not to be visible from where Potato Rocks were thrown.  This way the temptation of  preconception might be avoided, because Potato Rocks are bright and this year on Winter Solstice a full moon will rise at about five thirty in the evening.  And who knows it could be a cloudless night.



    When all Potato Rocks are tossed, they will be observed with flashlight if necessary and discussion will revolve around the nature of the pattern they have cast.   Indeed we might just take a flash photograph of them so that these discussions might occur indoors where there may be warmth enough to think properly.

    And of course at the moment of Winter Solstice we will be quite exhausted from having risen from our beds at two in the morning with the aim of viewing a total eclipse of the moon. 

    Some might ask the question why but often with Winter Solstice Celebration answers to this question emerge slowly through time.

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