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November 29th 2010    Tim Candler

    Winter Solstice this year requires a line and a circle.  The issue for me is whether to draw this line and circle with a stick in dirt, or whether to use white paint.

    I can see the painted line and circle lasting on and on through snow and frost.  Which I suspect would interrupt the transitory nature of the moment a year turns, and would cause much irritation because inevitably someone might visit and ask after the purpose of a circle and line painted upon empty ground. 


    In darkness white paint could make the visual easier to comprehend.   If elements cooperate the line and circle will as the photographers say "pop".  And Potato Rocks tossed in their direction too will "pop".  And all will be perfect and I will live happily ever after

     I could tell visitors that we had been playing a variant on  'cornhole'.  Something locals might grasp but outsiders, I have found, are inclined to think unnatural.

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