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October 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    A person should never mess with an appearance.   This especially with respect to technical devices and their applications.  It is far too tempting to have so many choices, but a mind grows accustomed to a particular certainty, and when that certainty, following a moment of  inadvertent curiosity, is replaced with something new and strange, the world suddenly becomes a confusing place.

     It is possible I spend way too many hours in company with technical devices, more likely though I am dulled by old fartdom and those proclivities of elderliness that eschew adventure, excitement or wandering of any sort.

    Yet the Blue Frog remains a source of constant wonder.  There is a way of telling whether the Blue Frog is a he or a she, and sometimes the Artist and I recall what that way is.   It has something to do with the size of that part where ears might be.   The Blue Frog has a name.  He or she has adventures.  And when he or she is not immediately visible, Herons are blamed.

     However most of last night I spent trying to remove him or her from what is so casually referred to as desktop background.    Nor am I certain whether I have returned this part of the technical device to what I think of as normal, which in itself is worrisome.

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