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October 14th 2010    Tim Candler

    The straight line that Route 47 mimics, follows a curve in the earth.   By the time I get to Fredonia I will have travelled almost exactly eleven degrees of Longitude.

    I use the word mimic deliberately because I am pissed off by constant reference to Mimus polyglottis as a bird that mimics the songs of others.   The song of a Mockingbird is learned in the same way that I will learn Route 47.    Otherwise and there is nothing beyond mimicry.

    Biologists who prefer memes with which to explain our lives clearly have never travelled Route 47, nor have they dreamed of travelling Route 47.   Instead they find circles of sameness and associated solace that arrive in the post under the title of "Mockingbird's Mimic" or the equally ludicrous  "Life Is A River" or the terribly depressing "I Am You".

    Ah! what an adventure it might be, this straight line.   And for a treat I will spend good money on a soda pop, from Wheat State Pizza in Pittsburg, KS.   And if I am not too late I will see so many Scissor Tailed Flycatchers they will become ordinary.

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