An English In Kentucky


















October 16th 2010    Tim Candler

    Route 47 cannot be reached through straightforwardness.   Integral is the element of random.   How dull it would be to follow the map. 

    Instead I will ooze my way there, and there is a strong chance that lost in the maze I will not cross its path.  I might fall for the assumption that Route 46 and Route 47 are related and end up in Nebraska.

    Worth noting that Route 47 has other names.  West 620th. Avenue.  13th Street.  It contains a Washington Street, and briefly it twines with Ottawa Road, also called Route 59.

    I suppose if I am to achieve a semblance of random I should now put away the map, so that Route 47 might retain some dignity instead of devolving into a naked certainty. 

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