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October 17th 2010    Tim Candler

    Can't pretend "Onion Weather" has no virtue.   It is a chance to ease into the warmer clothes.  By noon, though, it is necessary to remove layers and wonder if it might be worth returning to short pants.

    Maybe if I had more than one belt this change into shorter pants could be accomplished with an ease and fluidity of an Olympiad.  Maybe walking down the stairs from the room where I keep my clothes might be less hazardous if I first took the belt off the long trousers and threaded it onto the short trousers.

   There are numerous possibilities and all of them worth consideration.

     Yet the two belt option currently is the most appealing.  And I would pursue it further by perhaps venturing into town.   But I know that once, not so long ago I had two belts.  And one of them, like so many other things, is missing.  So acquiring a new belt strikes me as wasteful.

     For example, I know I have a total of six carpenter levels.   I only know where one of them is.  And three of them are twenty four inches long.     

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