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October 18th 2010    Tim Candler

Turdus pilaris

     Fieldfares are European birds in the family of Thrushes.  They spend their summer in Northern Europe.  Sometimes they fly across the North Sea to spend their winters in the British Isles.   In Winter small groups of Fieldfares can sometimes be found all over the British Isles.  Occasionally Fieldfares will nest in parts of Scotland.  But not always.

     It was interesting to watch them as they spanned open ground feeding.   A person could wonder what in Fieldfare heritage had persuaded them to only sometimes spend their winter amongst the British Isles.   Fieldfares are irregular and nomadic, which gives them an alertness of beings unbound by certainty.  And soon now they might be hopping around in Yorkshire or Glamorgan or beyond the pale of Dublin.

    It is a different set of parameters that give opinion to what here in the USA is called sometimes Winter Wren.   The Winter Wren spends at least some of its winter here in Kentucky.  How it manages the freeze at less than half an ounce in weight, I do not know.  It is a tiny bird that by unit of weight sings ten times louder than a Rooster.

    So it was imagining such a little thing made rooster size outside the bedroom window that kept this morning from deteriorating into thunder and lightening.

Troglodytes troglodytes

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