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October 20th 2010    Tim Candler

    The traveling bag these days includes wires.   How my traveling has come to this I do not want to know. 

    Odd to think of the essentials from generations ago.  In those old days the traveling bag might have included pots and fire starters.  And odder still to think of my own past, when the traveling bag was almost an irrelevance.

    Sometimes I still wonder what it might be like to take only a thumb as a travelling companion.   I remember the freedom of it.  The miles and miles of walking.  The stares from those whom I have become. 

    Yet when a person has straight lines to explain, not just to himself but in a way that might belong to another, through an ether that defines a conceivable future, because he is driven by an overweening ego.  Then I suppose wires are necessary.

   It is tragic really.  But I have no wings, and if a person were to find me grazing in his refrigerator there could be unpleasant repercussions.    How doomed we all are to snail-dom.

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