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October 24th 2010    Tim Candler

    A Scissor Tailed Flycatcher does not like it when a passing vehicle suddenly stops.  And it was impolite of me to behave in so unruly a manner.  All the same we saw each other briefly and then he was gone.   His tail is remarkable for length.  Unnecessarily long in my view, because it gives him a glamour that makes his head look small, as though his shoes were too big.

    Warm weather must have persuaded him to hold on to his mile or so of electric lines.   There will be a cold draught from the North, and remaining leaves will fall, and his food will hibernate.  And he would be dumb to hang around much longer.    

     Nice though that he was along a gravel road.   Murram roads, Iíll still call them, where  miles of washboarding  determines speed of travel.  Just a joy, because I half expected to see Elephants, or something with long horns. 

   Peculiar things we have done to our world.   And probably the eleventh commandment should be stay home amongst the familiar.

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