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October 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    Sometimes the idea of a thing is greater than the real of a thing.  An idea can produce abundant enthusiasm, and when real is realized the dogged and backward insist time has never been better.  Thank god for that sociopath experience.  He comes in to squash idea, because for him fifty or maybe sixty years ago all was so much better. 

     Some see a dialectic between past and present.   Some see an ordered pattern, ordained by that wretched condition the written word.   And to think once it was only used so a king might know how many sheep, or hogs or people he owned. 

    I always blame the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Some bloody fool put down in writing some random thoughts strung together by a narrative between old and young and everlasting life.   Now it is a hallowed piece of paper you pay good money for so you can know for certain that in three thousand years of passing time not much has happened.

    I think it was Heidegger, sometime in the 1950's, who suggested  that it was better to spend fourteen or fifteen years reading Plato and Aristotle.  Such a pity no one in power followed the advice.  And probably they don't have to because it is apparently their role to do no more than express the human condition as it might have been fifty or sixty thousand years ago.

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