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October 27th 2010    Tim Candler

    Sweet rain accompanied by angry wind distressed the Grey Cat's routine.   He is disgruntled this morning.  It's damp out there and there is a patch of rabbit fur, which suggests that I am not the only one he blames for change of season.

     It is walking through wet grass I think he finds most disagreeable.  Then with windiness there is that constant rustle of something here and something there, so after ten minutes in the great out doors he is exhausted and worse his feet are wet.

    It must be a hard thing for a cat to tolerate people.   It is the dependency, I suppose.  There you are a creature of the wild made facile by easy food which for some reason is kept locked away in cupboards.

   Then sometimes when it is time to sleep you locate a soft place, but they are on holiday and they tromp around the house like elephants laughing and giggling and moving furniture around.

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