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October 28th 2010    Tim Candler

    Travel with The Artist was years ago a toothbrush a change of clothes and an assortment of shoes.  But as time passes shoes multiply after the manner of bedbugs.  They become infernal.

    There is that phenomenon of hoarding which is one I understand full well.  And there are allegories referencing glass houses, so wrong of me to imply that I live with a millipede.  I guess between us we will take under ten and over four pairs of shoes.  Probably more accurate to suggest that I live with at least a spider.

     Beyond the horizon somewhere there is sea.  And the prospect of being in its company for a day or two, inclines us both to a gleefulness. 

    It is an odd sensation which should not be repeated too many times, because that way lies the disquieting idea that I should dig a hole in the ground large enough to contain a swimming pool in which we could frolic amongst ducks, and perhaps frogs.

    As for myself I will be taking two pairs of shoes, and because it is probably going to be brisk I will take the white socks.

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