An English In Kentucky


















October 29th 2010    Tim Candler

    There are different ghosts in hillsides.   Some might think of them as gentler, and some might think of them as cruel.   

    In my view it is probably easier to hide in hills, so hill ghosts are sneakier and more likely are better cooks than those who wander land that is flat.   But there has to be a difference between ghosts that live in woodland and ghosts that live on pastures. And somehow those ghosts of pasture seem nobler, because on pasture there is nowhere to hide.




     Then when it is my turn to become ghostly I will ask the question “Can I live in a hotel?”   The odds are that a corporate entity will have some say in the answer, and he will want to know what sort of a ghost I will be. 

    I will tell him that I would like to be a mean ghost that makes children cry, teenagers squeal and causes dogs to bark.  Pretty certain he’ll not offer me a great many choices

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