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October 2nd 2010    Tim Candler

    The eyesight benefits apparently from Carrots.   Eating them encourages those parts of the eye that see in the dark.  Reckon the Grey Cat would issue me with a prescription for Carrots, because twice on our evening walk I have stepped upon his tail.

     It is an aggravation for him, yet he is forgiving.  But it sends me into a tail-spin of apologies, which because it is so far beyond dusk can result in floundering in darkness that has led to further injury.  Not so much to the Grey Cat, rather to the nature of the apology.

    It must have been a shock for him to see me fall into the Laurel Hedge, roll around and emerge without sense of direction.    Fortunately there was no damage to the hedge, but as I lay there I did feel the Grey Cat's whisker on my cheek.  I thought it something else and shrieked.

    Guess he plans to out live me. 

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