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October 30th 2010    Tim Candler

    Way too much fresh air beside the sea.  But if I stare due east I can see the curve of the earth, and I sometimes think this of all views is the most humbling.  There again I am exhausted from miles and miles and miles and miles.  So by tomorrow humbleness will be gone, and in its place I will find a familiar arrogance.

    I understand the comfort founded upon a belief in something greater.  To call that thing a straight line might appear absurd.  Yet the curve of the earth has a most interesting line that is as straight as is conceivable.  Certainly I understand that our planet is a sphere, or at least orange shaped.  And I have seen images of it taken from space craft, so hard to pretend the line is anything other than curved. 

     Worrying to think that far from straightness it is actually levelness that inspires.  That relationship with gravity, that sense of being pulled inwards toward a center spot.   It is this sense of levelness that a majority aspire to wish for in their search for something greater.  And odd to think of me, a being who does not actually like to leave home, asserting the infinite as a straight line.

    By tomorrow, when I am arrogant again, I will reacquaint myself with the understanding of levelness as belonging to the dull and the ordinary so well characterized by those such as myself for whom a trip to the hardware store is excitement enough.  

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