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September 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    Rain in the amount of two and a quarter inches.  Or possibly two and a half inches.  Time to move perennials and water them until frost.   An activity that encourages Mole, the rootling of  Skunk, the curiosity of Possum and the hooves of Deer.

    No wonder the city garden looks sometimes so attractive, because half the battle is already won.  There are of course closer neighbors in cities.  They usually have cats or dogs, and sometimes children that cannot entertain themselves without loud screeching voice.  Then there is the parking.  And what on earth does one do to with the content of the barn. 

   There is the Freecyle Network.   A list of wants and wishes.   An easy flow of thought through phrases like, "engines that might work", "bicycle wheels", "water heaters that do not leak", "bits of wood that are just too unlike scraps to throw away".

   It is the Tower of Babel that I have and I wonder whether frustration is the common language.

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