An English In Kentucky


















September 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    A morning of controlled flames under blue sky and northerly breeze.    But the fume kiln is fading.   How ignoble it must feel reduced to incinerating so many years of carefully collected paper products.   An itinerary of day to day, from flower bags through tantalizing offers from the hardware store to implausible literature from bankers..

     It all began following an informative television program that explained how simple it could be to sift through the landfill hunting down personal information.  Then using this information to rob the unfortunate of their homes, their health, their children, their pets and worse.   The program was complete with tearful tales, wailing and the panoply that puts belief in hell.

    And years of paper collection has either kept the villain at bay, or is folly devoted to the sheer joy of watching flames.   But the child appears happy, the home is current, the Grey Cat thrives and health remains that relationship with death, an opportunity to die courageously and without moaning or gnashing of teeth.

     However the barn does now seem much emptier in that regal way.

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