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September 13th 2010    Tim Candler

    Sad to see Buddleia on Kentucky's list of suspicious characters.    And of course I will blame this years surfeit of Butterfly on Buddleia.   Almost to the point of having to swat them like flies or wear a shirt without color. 

    I think better to search for a division in the multiple sometimes referred to as Buddleia davidii Franch.   And here Franch is not a variant of French, but refers to a concept I have never been able to grasp other than it refers to the botanist Rene Franchet, a large man both figuratively and literally who spent most of his life writing lists of things.

    The davidii part has always remained a mystery to me.  There are insects with the word davidii in their name, so more likely it is an obscurity like japonica rather than a biblical reference.

   But Buddleia, or Buddleja for those who understand the importance of j's, belongs to Rector Adam Buddle of Maldon Essex where in his garden four hundred or so years ago he gave name to a weed from China that cast a scented shadow near his pathway.  

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