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September 19th 2010    Tim Candler

    My own artist was brutally attacked by Turkey Mite while hunting Pawpaw this year.  I had flopped around after her in the hope of acquiring the skill.   Which requires an ability to thrash around holding a long pole while staring intently into the canopy at a time of year when things that crawl are at their most abundant.   

   Turkey Mite are tiny little things that bite.  And afterwards the bite reddens and itches.   One or two such bites could be managed but thousands of bites become a burden to patience.

    I remember a zoo keeper telling me once that animals captured in the wild invariably suffered from a list of ailments that included ticks, lice, parasitic forms that pretty much made life in the wild unmanageable.  Then once under the care of a vet in the security of an hygienic caged environment, wild animals were actually much happier.

    Obviously the man was insane. 

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