An English In Kentucky


















September 1st 2010    Tim Candler

    When his Swedes turn to soup then desiccate a wiser man might consider a reappraisal of his watering philosophy.    And I suppose it is memory of muddy fields of Swede beneath cloudy sky.  And I suppose it is "Oh No! Not Swede again!" that left a corner of the vegetable patch to its destiny.

    I have promised to do better.  And as I pursue "Doing Better" I will debate in a fallen fury, as is the tradition amongst newly defeated peoples.   And because I have nothing left to lose, this evening I will grill my four sad Swedes.

   I do at last completely understand why some Kentucky gardeners call it quits in July.   Feel terribly ashamed of a naiveté that brought me to this stubborn place.

   However in the matter of wisdom, I will hold to an understanding  of  logic and meaning as two different creatures.  Logic might indeed exist even if meaning might not.  But meaning is made by people, which is why it is important to talk to each other and to hell with logic.

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