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September 20th 2010    Tim Candler

    We are going to get two Elm Trees.  Which does mean parting with money, because they have to come all the way from Missouri.  A state I have always liked because 'misouri sana' means 'very good' in a language I think I once knew well.

   These are not the Elms of English landscape.  Nor are they American Elms.  But from a sport discovered several years ago that is apparently a cross between an American Elm and a Siberian Elm.  This 'Green King' Elm is reckoned to be resistant to the Dutch Elm Disease.   But is not the 'Homestead' Elm that some say is a truer version of an American Elm that happens also to be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.

    Naturally 'Green King' Elm, and all trees are prone to infestation.   Because of the money side of this transaction, what I call 'Sooty Disease' and 'White Sooty Disease' are probably inevitable.  And a wide range of similar issues will probably mean that this time next year there will be two dead Elm Trees out there by the barn.

    Then if they are a success no doubt the State of Kentucky will decide that our two 'Green King' Elms are an invasive species, as other states have done, and when that happens we will call our two Elms, Elephant Trees.

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