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September 25th 2010    Tim Candler

    Strawberry have hung on through heat and drought.  Now with a little rain and if days are cooler they may become joyful, which means it is time to add rigor to their existence by weeding out the elderly, forcing the better looking into straight lines, and generally reminding Strawberry of purpose by getting in amongst them.

     There was a time when I might have at least attempted to give care to Strawberry throughout the summer.  Those more innocent days are gone.  The Strawberry plant has passive aggressive inclinations, he is driven to hypochondria, and the more you give to him the more he takes from you.

    "Woe is me!"  he will call from his summer bed.  "I have terminal sooty spore and foot fungus.   Look at my leaves.  Know that I am dying.  Call the Extension Service.  I need tincture and infusion." 

   Some become consumed by this wailing and they will look at me with eyes that say, "You are a cruel man, lazy from old age and I would offer to help but I know that you will shout at me if I do." 

     But I take no notice until sometime about now.

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