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September 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    Almost hunted down the long trousers.  Then I decided to be a Viking.  Walk around out there in Strawberry weather, chilled to the bone and hard of heart.    And though I did not count the dead, this years Strawberry cull filled a wheel barrow.

     The little ones and the older ones are the easiest to dispatch.  It is those in between ones that make playing god difficult.   Fortunately I have a geometry that insists upon lines and any I found outside those lines were pretty much in revolt against the system and death was a just reward. 

     Of course there must be somewhere an innocent gardener who yearns for Strawberry plants.  Probably looking through the catalogue, reading the reviews, falling foul of pretty names like 'Giant Delicious Ever-Bearing ' or something with the word 'heritage' in its title.  Asking neighbors.  Putting adverts in newspapers.  Calling relatives.  Handing out flyers.

     But I don't care.            

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