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September 30th 2010    Tim Candler

    Short Billed Rail last week in the Vegetable Garden.  He was on his way to the Gulf where remaining marshes will see him well fed until lust drives him North again.  

    They have Cockerel legs and a Wren tail.  He was one of those who does not meet people often enough because our peering at him failed to unnerve him, and I guess he imagined the Parsnips were reeds and we would drown in mud if we tried to close in on him.

    But Turkeys are losing their minds.   They wander by us, flap the odd wing, and younger Turkey will stare at us in a manner verging on the impolite.  To them we are simply confused and unable to fly.  We are more like Ducklings

   Necessary perhaps to chase them, or send shouts in their direction, discourage them a little because Thanksgiving is soon.   

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