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September 5th 2010    Tim Candler

    The trip to town on this "holiday weekend" is a necessary one.   It is preparation for those various celebrations that occur on and around December twenty fifth.   A foretaste of chaos and public displays of ill-temper usually promulgated by those under the age of forty two.

    We sedate drivers find it the perfect opportunity to conduct ourselves with increased decorum.   Not for us the lunatic turn.  The boat on the roof-rack.  The dog with its head out the window.   The overpowered pickup truck.  The resonating speaker from an in-car entertainment system.  Or that shaved head so many appear to adopt rather than actually go to the effort of joining the armed forces.

   I have noticed that Sundays are always well dressed by church clothes, but are quite spoiled by the anxiety to get the service over with, flock to the grocery store, and get back to what ever it is that comprises "weekend".

    September's "Holiday weekend" however starts taking its downward spiral around two o'clock on Friday, and by Tuesday morning all of us are absolutely exhausted and pretty much sick of each other.

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