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September 8th 2010    Tim Candler

    While some are persuading themselves that Deer meat could be perfect food.  And while others are planning to give taxidermists work.  There are one or two of us still struggling with Warbler identification.

     I could say, "Yes! It is a Yellow Warbler".  Then call it a day.  But too many Warblers are yellow in some of their feathers.  And the idea of calling it a Yellow Warbler strikes me as surrender.  This, even if Yellow Warbler exists as a recognized species within the genus of Warbler.

   How easy it might be if all Warblers with yellow somewhere in their feathers were Yellow Warblers and all Warblers with grey somewhere in their feather were Grey Warblers.  The mismatched could be called Yellow Grey Warblers.

   Trouble is Warblers from the Ovenbird to the Kentucky Warbler behave the same.  They are shy.  Usually only bits of them can be seen amongst the leaves.  Then when the leaves are gone they are gone.  And always the bird book is somewhere indoors hiding beneath pillows.

    It is a structural issue I imagine.  One our Summer Tanager would address where he not so self obsessed. 

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