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April 10th  2011    Tim Candler

    There is a good reason for the wise to relish peer review.   Endure the discipline and fever of critical examination and avoid the wishfulness of politics.  This way peculiar and confusing ideas can be thoroughly dissected before entering lore.

    My own flashes of insight, what philosophers might call dangerous and mystical moments, have included an idea that winter habitat for our Barn Swallows is increasingly tenuous.  And I have found myself blaming Banana Growers because for no credible reason I believe our Barn Swallows spend their holidays in Banana Groves. 

     It is so easy to dive into this dark and septic pool.  Walk by Banana in the Grocery Store and accuse them of a genocide. Look at the Mango and see a conspiracy.  Wonder why there is Asparagus in December.

     But it is the case that for each of the past few years, eleven, twelve, up to fifteen Barn Swallows have learned to fly by leaping from their nests in the barn here.  They have clung to the electric wires as the little ones do before learning how to feed themselves.  They have headed south with their parents, and though they can live for up to eight years, too many of them have never returned.

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