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April 13th  2011    Tim Candler

    Tension mounts as seedlings establish themselves in their pots, and no Wax Gourd yet.  Some of us have this yearning to wait until the second week of May before planting.  The less nurturing reckon upon Tuesday of next week, because in the event of late frost "we can throw blankets over them."

    The haste to plant has to do with the nature of a seedling.  With good sun and warm nights they proceed a pace and then begin to get leggy.  What they then need is to harden and find welcome in proper beds, otherwise they can sulk.

     I think probably the better question is why even start seeds in the first week of March.  It is a question that has many answers, most of them so devious they become transparent. The only true answer to this question is a shrug followed by a "because!"

    Then a mind enters the woolly footed realm.   "Hoppy Bugs emerge as Lilac blooms."  So if you wait on planting seedlings until the bloom of Lilac is past Hoppy Bugs have either starved or moved on. 

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