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April 17th  2011    Tim Candler

    There are those who dwell upon hills and those who dwell in hollows.  Hill dwellers spend most of April wondering when winds will calm.  They listen to the weather radio and if they hear 'gusts as high as 29 miles per hour' they consider it good news.

    For a gardener it does mean stakes.  A huge number of them.  All different kinds, because almost every seedling planted requires a stake, otherwise things happen that cause depression and a sense of pointlessness.

     Nor is it any good saying "The bastards just have to get used to the wind."  Because 'they' don't.  They flop about and damage themselves.  You'll find 'them' in the morning flat on the soil pretending to be dead, and for the rest of the year they'll blame stake-less-ness for their infirmities.

    Sometimes a gardener is tempted to make stakes out of treated lumber.  Unless that treated lumber is geriatric this is an error.  Little roots, termites and string like soft Pine.

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