An English In Kentucky


















April 18th  2011    Tim Candler

    The house is an old house.  It is built on wooden beams that sit on a patchwork of large flat rocks that were probably brought here by horse power.  Since then the house has sunk a little.

    Skunks have lived under it and a Groundhog   A person could hear them at night rummaging around in a most unnecessary and noisy manner.  And once there was a large Black Snake that kept mice nervous, until I put down a wire net dug one foot into the earth that prevents access to what the extremely agile would call a 'crawl space'.

     If I was a Black Snake I could crawl around under the house.  But because I am short and apparently too wide to comfortably slither, attempts at under house exploration have proved impossible.  Which means that when curiosity overcomes good sense, up comes the flooring.

     Six weeks later the northern foundation has been replaced through grit, determination and the occasional moment of extreme angst.  The window no longer leaks and when it rains water is channeled into a more useful direction.

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