An English In Kentucky


















April 21st  2011    Tim Candler

    Always disquieting to find a large nest and a skull under floorboards.  So glad the skull did not belong to a member of my own species, because generally in that event a person is obliged to shave, put on his good clothes and inform the authorities.

     I know for certain the excitement of discovering a Human skull at the far end of a shovel would make it impossible to conceal from the near and dear.  And I know for certain that following heated discussion, the telephone call would be made. 

     It is the case that both the Artist and I have often been chosen by immigration or customs officials. Metal detectors sparkle when they see either one of us. And for no good reason that I can think of uniforms unsettle us to the point of making us guilty of something.

     So when those men and women with questions arrive, they will wear gloves, they'll want answers and our mug-shots will probably appear in the newspaper.    

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