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April 22nd  2011    Tim Candler

    Tyrant Flycatchers, sometimes called Kingbirds, along the fence.  And while planting Tomato I heard that voice of  post-structuralism a Summer Tanager.  

    He was in his Dying Sycamore, as he was last year. Well prepared to spend his summer months in discourse with anyone who might listen to him.  Which means I have to be certain to avoid involvement otherwise our relationship sours, as on and on he goes until the word 'bird-shot' is threatened. 

     But to be a  Kingbird, it's well worth managing behavior so as to avoid nirvana for a dozen or so more generations of me.  Each time they fly north, I want to belong to them. And hard to know exactly where Kingbirds lie on the road from foot fungus to perfection.

     All very well managing a life so as to return as a thing that can fly, but what if I come back as a Bee or a Dragon.

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