An English In Kentucky


















April 23rd  2011    Tim Candler

    Long cold fronts and longer warm fronts clash at night causing uncertainty of weather.  Perhaps when they finally end their quarrel girl Barn Swallows will arrive. 

    Across the field, and in and out of the barn there are two boys waiting.  And it is always distressing to know that a male Barn Swallow who has not formed a pair will kill the hatchlings of others.

     Damn if the world in which we live isn't basically a horrible place. So filled with ambition and drive and purpose that no wonder the successfully are mean and ugly before they become smug from the praise of others and call themselves beautiful.

     And then there is that innocent Phoebe who in early march lined a Barn Swallow's nest with moss.  She had three to choose from and she chose the newest.  And I guess she has her eggs by now.  Unsurprising if they hatched tomorrow.

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